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Who/What is Domin8trix Model/performer?


Who/What is Domin8trix Model/performer?

A Domin8trix Model/Performer is a site member who produces their own content on the website. They have their personal backend for managing their profiles and broadcasting area to perform live video content and more.

Domin8trix Model/Performers use the Domin8trix website for earning money from the content they create and via live broadcast.

1. Performer features.

  • Transactions – here Performers can see in detail how much money they earned. Here you can choose the customer or transaction period (today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year, all time) to get more details;
  • Payouts – is where you request your payouts and see your payout history;
  • Stats – Here you are able to see full statistics of your performer account – how much money earned as a performer, how many clients visited your shows, time spent online, chat duration;
  • Prices –  Here Performers can determine the price (credits per minute) that a customer has to pay. To protect customers, maximum limits are set by Domin8trix Admin;
  • Profile – edit your registration or profile info, you can update your payee info, add additional categories to your profile, change your show description and more;
  • Photos and Videos – This is where you are able to add and edit public and private photos and videos. You can also delete and hide existing ones or set them as a default;
  • Blocking –  Should a performer decide that they have a problem with visitors, they have complete control over blocking visitors/customers by matching the following criteria – IPAddress, Country, County, City, Postal Code. Also, a performer can specify the block reason in the comment sent to the visitor/customer.

2. How to start video chat?

When logged in as a performer, press the Start Video Chat button and the performer broadcast will be started where you are also able to chat. Within this location you have complete control as a dominatrix BDSM performer.

  • First of all, find the wrench button/icon where you are able set up your own broadcasting configuration preferences (At times we do test new features with regards to broadcasting but we will always contact you prior to setting live):
    • You can adjust the chat history font size;
    • Turn on sound notifications for when a customer is entering your dominatrix room, message customers directly, set up tip receiving and start paid chat;
    • You also have the options to choose camera and microphone devices, broadcasting resolution and set mirror broadcasting preview.
  • Choose chat type;

  • To stop broadcasting switch off the “Online” toggle.

3. Broadcasting area.

Performers are able to:

  • Set chat topic;
  • Watch this session tips and chat history;
  • Watch online customer list;
  • Write public and private messages to customers;
  • Clear chat history;
  • Record video and take snapshots;
  • Change chat types;
  • Pause broadcasting;
  • Start Tip goal;
  • And so on.

4. Payment process

Each Performer has a commission that He/She/They will receive from money paid by customers.


* A Dominatrix Performer with Domin8trix earns 70%

This means that if a customer paid A Dominatrix Performer 100 credits this will mean:

* This means a Dominatrix Performer earns 70% of 100.00 = 70.00


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