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I Can’t Hear Anything – Volume Is Off

If you are new to the site, logging in using another browser, using Incognito or private browsing to access the Domin8trix webcam site you’ll probably find that you have to keep turning on/up the volume so you can hear the performer each time.

This is unfortunately something that is out of our control as this is the way that a lot of browsers are attempting to protect user devices.

We assure you that the sound is enabled within our systems by default, but because of the way that browsers now work, the user (guest/customer) must allow the autoplay in the browser settings.

Unfortunately, this is out of our control, for example, in Chrome and Safari browsers on macOS, Windows, and Android devices, the volume sets the way it was set in the previous visit to the website and if you are using Incognito or private browsing or even a VPN to hide your IP Address then your browser does not cache the site and so does not remember the previous visit settings.

Put simply, some browsers just do not allow sound to be played immediately if they see the session as being a new session that is not cached from a previous visit.

You may wish to use a separate browser that you hide from family members if you are on a shared device to overcome this problem so the site doesn’t have to request permission each time to access your sound settings each time.

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