Humiliation Play 


Like any new activity within the realm of kink, it is important to approach humiliation play gradually. You can always increase the intensity if you find it enjoyable, but you cannot undo any actions that have gone too far.

For your initial experience, it might be helpful to explore the areas you have identified as sensitive and experiment with them using dirty talk. A complete scene can unfold solely through words, providing a great starting point while you determine if this is a kink you resonate with.

For instance, you could engage in embarrassment-themed play by having your partner prompt you to describe past experiences or explain in detail your preferences when it comes to being touched. It takes practice to strike the right teasing tone that pushes boundaries just enough without crossing them. Therefore, begin with topics that are not too emotionally tender initially.

Once you feel ready to progress beyond dirty talk, consider incorporating physical elements into your play. If feeling ignored triggers self-consciousness, you could explore activities like becoming human furniture. This can be as simple as assuming a position on all fours in front of your partner so they can use you as a footrest while watching TV or sitting on the floor beside them as a human end table, holding their beverages or snacks. However, make sure to consistently check in with everyone involved to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. It is advisable to start with shorter durations—your first time as a footstool should probably be for a 20-minute streaming show, rather than a Lord of the Rings marathon.

With practice and clear communication, you can develop your skills in incorporating humiliation into your repertoire of sexual activities and kinks.


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