Diary of a Sub: My Webcam Breath Play Experience

This week on Domin8trix, we’re sharing a compelling entry from one of our valued customers detailing their “Webcam Breath Play Experience.” Delve into this personal diary, exploring the boundaries of trust and psychological depth, experienced safely through our platform. Join us as we unveil the transformative power of this intense practice, highlighting the importance of safety and consent in every step.

Entry: A Surreal Encounter

Today was unlike any other. It was my first time exploring breath play, and though I’ve been curious about this intense practice for ages, experiencing it firsthand was something else entirely—especially via webcam, which added an unexpected layer of safety and connection.

The session began with me logging onto my favourite BDSM platform, where I’ve built a trusting relationship with a dom who specialises in breath control. The comfort of knowing I was in my own space, with the ability to disconnect at any moment if needed, alleviated some of my apprehensions.

Preparing Myself

Before the session, we discussed the process thoroughly. Safety was our paramount concern. We established a clear signal for stopping the session since speaking wouldn’t be an option. This planning phase was crucial—it set the boundaries and built further trust between us.

The Experience Begins

A virtual setup for a safe breath play session, featuring ambient lighting, a computer with a guiding figure, and subtle BDSM elements.

Creating a Safe Space for Breath Play via Webcam

As the session started, I felt a mix of excitement and nerves. The dom guided me with a calm authority that was reassuring. They instructed me on how to restrict my breathing using methods that could be easily controlled. “Take a deep breath, hold it,” they commanded softly from the screen. The intensity of holding my breath under their watchful eye was exhilarating.

The power exchange was palpable, even through the digital ether. Every command from them intensified the experience, each moment feeling more profound than the last. The physical sensation of breathlessness intertwined with the psychological thrill of submission—it was a dance on the edge, both scary and thrilling.

The Height of the Experience

At the peak of our session, I felt completely surrendered, floating in a space where time seemed to slow down. It was a test of trust and submission, pushing my boundaries in a way I had never experienced before. The dom’s presence was commanding yet protective, a guiding force as I navigated these intense sensations.

Coming Down

After what seemed like an eternity, the session gradually wound down. The dom’s voice brought me back, ensuring I was breathing normally and feeling grounded. We spent some time debriefing, discussing the emotional and physical responses I had. This part was as crucial as the play itself, ensuring I felt safe and cared for after such an intense journey.


Now, reflecting on the experience, I feel a mix of awe and pride. Breath play was more intense and psychological than I had anticipated, and doing it via webcam added a layer of safety that made this exploration possible. I am grateful for the technology that allows such profound experiences from the safety of home, and for a dom who guided me with such expertise and empathy.

Tonight, I write this entry with a deep sense of connection to my submissive side, and a newfound respect for the limits of my body and mind. It’s a reminder of the power of BDSM to explore and challenge these boundaries in a controlled, consensual environment.


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