Boot/Foot Worship


Boot worship is the extreme admiration and veneration of boots within the BDSM community, typically performed while the dominant partner is wearing them. It bears a derivative connection to foot worship, as the reverence can be attributed to the proximity of the boots to their master or mistress. The foot is often considered one of the “lowest” and least valued parts of the body, so kissing and licking someone’s foot can be seen as a form of humiliation. However, boot worship takes this humiliation a step further. The submissive willingly worships the dominant partner’s boots, often without being explicitly instructed to do so. This act of devotion can signify extreme loyalty, a concrete admission of inferiority or defeat, or both.

Boot worship encompasses various actions, including sniffing or inhaling the scent from worn boots, as well as licking, kissing, or cleaning the exteriors by licking. Polishing the boots may also be involved. In some cases, individuals engage in chewing and eating leather shoes and boots. The dominant partner may forcefully insert their booted feet into the sub-missive’s mouth, effectively choking them. Additionally, the dominant may deliver kicks while wearing boots. They might also require the submissive to consume food crushed by their boots or lick off any residue adhered to the soles. Boots can also be utilized for ball busting, a practice involving impact to the genital area.

Furthermore, boot worship can take on a more passive form, where the submissive lies prone and experiences being “trampled” by the dominant partner. Heeled boots may be involved in acts simulating fellatio, anal, or urethral penetration. The dominant partner might also use the footwear to physically strike the submissive or slave. Another variant involves the submissive lying down while the dominant positions their boots over the sub-missive’s mouth, face, or body instead of placing them on the floor.


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