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Movember saves the lives of hundreds of 1000’s of males worldwide by spreading awareness of early indicators of testicular cancer, to tackling male mental health stigma globally, so this month, Domin8trix Supports Movember 2022. We speak more about why you need to care about Movember.

What’s Movember?

Movember was created in 2004 to boost awareness of male health issues, that include prostate cancer, and testicular cancer, in addition to mental health and suicide prevention.

Each November, males internationally grow their greatest moustaches in the support of the life-saving Movember foundation. This occurs alongside sponsorships, special events, donations and mass fundraising.

Movember funds ground-breaking health and wellbeing projects, in addition to sparking a widespread conversation around all male health.

There are a lot of reasons to care about Movember. Listed here are the main ones that stand out:

Movember, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Movember, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Movember takes on mental health and well-being stigma

Movember tackles male mental health and well-being stigma head-on, shifting the attitude that “emotional men are weak” through numerous mental health awareness campaigns.

Societal gender roles dictate that when males express emotion, they aren’t “actual men”. This stigma may cause men to suppress their feelings in an effort to present as “manly” and “strong”.

About 75% of UK deaths from suicide are men, and suicide is the most common reason behind death in males below 50.

Studies show that males are much less likely than women to find help from friends or medical professionals for mental health and well-being issues, such as depression, anxiety and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

These statistics display the necessity for mental health and well-being support for all males around the globe.

Movember funds vital mental health projects for men, specialising in early intervention, training and creating supportive communities.

Movember spreads awareness of testicular self-examination

Testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men in the UK.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely treatable if detected early. In truth, testicular cancer has a greater than 95% survival rate.

This makes it essential for males to examine their testicles for lumps or swelling as often as they can.

Movember showcases the significance of testicular self-examination by means of technique guidesawareness campaigns and supportive resources.

The True North Testicular Calculator provides invaluable tools to teach people about testicular cancer diagnosis, treatments and recovery.

Movember helps detect male prostate cancer early

Prostate cancer is the most common sort of cancer in males within the UK, and the second most common cancer in all males worldwide. Prostate cancer will affect 1 in 9 men in their lifetime.

Signs of prostate cancer don’t usually appear until the prostate is large enough to have an effect on the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the penis). This makes it tough to detect early.

Nevertheless, detecting prostate cancer early is in a lot of cases the difference between life and death.

Movember spreads awareness of the significance of early detection of prostate cancer by way of its spectacular awareness campaignsprostate cancer stories and plenty of educational resources.

Truth North Prostate Cancer supplies in-depth details about the prostate cancer journey.

Prostate cancer stories share important news about prostate cancer treatment, medication and recovery.

Movember is switching up the narrative

For so long as a society, we have adhered to the narrative that all males mustn’t speak out about their mental health and well-being issues.

This leads to countless missed doctor appointments and devastating consequences for males (and women) around the world.

The Movember Foundation is reshaping this harmful narrative to save lots of lives all around the world.

This is the reason it’s such an essential charity to help.

Movember wants you

Lastly, an incredible foundation is nothing without the devoted people who help support it.

Movember needs your help and support to continue to make a difference for all men worldwide

Your donation counts: donate to The Movember Foundation today.

Discover more: Movember charity campaigns you could get involved with.

Learn more about Movember fundraising.


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