Want A Cuckold Sissy Husband? New Tips On Cuckolding Your Husband!



So, you desire a cuckold sissy husband? Most girls battle and fail. What I’ll do is provide you with some quite simple – but fantastically highly effective – steps to assist in cuckolding your husband.

Oh boy do I ever!

A husband should, in fact, WANT to be cuckolded. Brainwashing is a no-no (I do know… such a disgrace!). So get his settlement.

Guidelines, guidelines… and, you guessed it, MORE guidelines

Subsequent up, lay down the brand new guidelines of your relationship. Your relationship has transitioned. You want new guidelines to control it.

Half the foundations will relate to feminization aimed toward making a cuckold sissy husband. As an illustration he’s not allowed sexual interactions with you (until you give them as treats). He can also be required to ACT extra female, to comply with all the things you say, to abstain from masturbation, and to decorate as a lady.

The opposite half of the foundations relate to YOU. You should have boyfriends and males in your life (and ladies, when you swing that means!). You’ll not kiss your husband or do something sexual. You’ll not do the dishes or clear the home. So on and so forth.

Sexual launch

You’ve got settlement from him and laid down the foundations. To make cuckolding your husband EASIER you could cease his sexual launch. So, no sexual enjoyable or masturbation. It will put him in a near-constant state of sexual arousal. It makes it simpler for him to stay throughout the new guidelines you established.

Final – however CERTAINLY not least – the “bull” boyfriend

You’ve accomplished all the things proper. All that continues to be is to get your self a “bull” boyfriend. This is usually a man who you have got both an emotional or a bodily relationship with – or each. Typically, he’s extra endowed than your new cuckold sissy husband. This last step in cuckolding your husband will cement your new relationship and TEST it. As a result of if, after assembly along with your boyfriend, your husband remains to be completely satisfied, then you already know that you’ve succeeded.



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