The Body Language of Submissiveness



In many cases people will show certain signs of body language that suggest that they are not willing to fight and that they will give in to something that another person wants. Here are some of the most commonly used signs of body language as it relates to the feeling of submission.

The general posture that a person uses can be one that symbolizes the willingness to submit to something. An upright position suggests a desire to be successful while a lowered position suggests submission. For instance, when a person in a sporting event has a posture that is not upright it can be a suggestion that the person is willing to submit to their opponent and give up on trying to win a game.

The lack of motion that a person may have is another common sign. When a person is not moving or is just standing still during a confrontation it can be a suggestion that a person is submitting to something. For example, an employee who is in an argument with their boss at the workplace could display a lack of movement when that employee feels that the argument is being lost and that the boss has the upper hand.

The eyes can tell a good deal about a person’s submissiveness. When a person is smiling it helps to take a look at that person’s eyes. If the eyes do not change in appearance when that person is smiling then that person is being submissive. Also, when the person’s eyes are wider in appearance than they usually are this can be a sign that the person is submissive.

When a person’s head is tilted downwards and the neck is being covered that person is showing a sign of submission. The person is looking to protect themselves or is trying to think about what to do. But they cannot think of anything to do and so they will have to submit to something. This is the opposite of what happens when a person is feeling aggressive and is willing to challenge something. In that case the person will have their head upward.

Another important signal is when a person has their hands outward and open. This is a suggestion stating that a person has nothing to offer and is willing to give in to someone’s requests. This is especially common in police standoffs when the police get to the point where a criminal has nowhere to go. Then that criminal will hold their hands outward and open to suggest that they are giving in to the police.

The speed of gestures that someone makes is important to consider as well. When a person’s gestures are being displayed slowly that person could be suggesting submission. When a person is tense and is not willing to submit, then that person’s movements may be quick and animated.

To recap, the signs of submission include slouching, a lack of motion and even common signs of openness. By knowing these signs it will be easy to tell when someone is willing to give up a fight or an argument.



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