Benefits of Strict Male Chastity – What Does a Woman Get Out It?



I’m often asked what benefits I, as a non-dominant woman get out of strict male chastity and orgasm, especially as my husband, John, and I are not into the D&S lifestyle. Truth is, they are so many and varied it’s hard to put them in order, and unless you’ve actually experienced them for yourself, you might find them hard to understand — especially as a woman (so if you’re a man reading this, then I recommend you get your wife to read it, too).

Benefits of Strict Male Chastity

First, is the improvement in your sex-life overall. To me, the big paradox of male chastity and orgasm denial is you actually end up having more sex with your husband, not less. The only difference is… he simply doesn’t get to orgasm at the end of it like he’s used to doing. And while couples vary, obviously, in my experience the longer you leave him between orgasms, the better your sex life will be.

Second, is the almost unbelievable increase in physical (non-sexual) and emotional intimacy between you both. Some people equate this with the man becoming ‘submissive’ but it’s not the case. Yes, some men are submissive, and the feelings aroused by orgasm denial undoubtedly heighten that tendency, but you observe a similar effect in non-submissive men, too.


Simply because they feel closer to you (compare it to the ‘early days’ feelings you had when you were first together), and people who feel close naturally want to do nice things for and with each other — in other words, male submission and female dominance are absolutely not a requirement for male chastity and even ultra-strict orgasm denial, but are perfectly complementary to them.

And third, believe it or not your man is happier in and with himself. You see, your man senses the changes your relationship has gone through just as you do. And he’s no happier about the way your all-night lovemaking has degenerated into the occasional tired quickie than you are.

So for him, male chastity and orgasm denial is an opportunity for him to become once more the man he used to be for you in that respect. And that makes him a very happy fellow indeed.

I do understand male chastity and strict orgasm denial can seem even unloving to women, but they’re not. On the contrary, I think they’re one of the most loving things you can do for a man. Since I have had control of John’s orgasms our marriage has become much fresher and more fun. It wasn’t bad before, but you can never have too much fun, can you? Yet John is now well into a full year of orgasm denial and we’re talking seriously now about making that permanent — meaning he won’t get to orgasm again, ever. He thinks that’s a small price to pay for the benefits we both get from having his orgasms denied to him.

But, and this is important: if you read the forums on the Internet you will come away with a very polarised, inaccurate, misleading and even harmful view of male chastity, especially for someone who’s serious about getting into the lifestyle and persuading their wives to play along with them.

And if you’re sick and tired of the hype, then it’s time to get safe, sane and real information and advice from a genuine 24/7 couple who are living the lifestyle.



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