Lovense Exomoon


Tiny. Discreet. Powerful.

Disguised vibrator

Your pretty, tiny vibe: matte black case, bronze-detail control button, and a perfect shade of orgasm. Carry your secret vibrator in a purse or pocket and no one else will be the wiser…

Plenty of ways to use It

Stimulate nipples on a lowest vibration level for a slow solo session or an additional sensation during sex.

Send ripples of pleasure through your or your partner’s body, stimulating the inner thighs.

Have an intense, multi-orgasmic session and let your clitoris experience Exomoon’s power.

Tease yourself while alone.

Add extra spice during sex.

Put it in your pocket and use it “on the go”.

Tease yourself while alone.

Add extra spice during sex.

Great gift choice

A perfect gift to anyone and a must add-on toy to any sex toy collection. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never had a toy before or have a mountain of them.



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