Make Your Husband Your Slave – Easy Steps



You want to make your husband your slave. This is a common desire. I will assume that your husband has no clue whatsoever that you intend to become his Mistress. You must began by deciding if he is innately submissive. The next time you have sexual intercourse, put him in submissive situations, see how he responds. Tell him to kiss your feet. Smack his bottom. If he seems aroused then use pantyhose to tie him up. Tell him to call you Mistress. Make him pleasure you. Punish him if he falls short. You will now know for sure if your husband is submissive. If so, each time you make love, you should take charge in a similar way, but each time up the ante. If he continues to enjoy it, then you are ready to become his Mistress.

To make your husband your slave, you must now extend the Mistress-slave dynamic beyond the bedroom, and in to your day-to-day lives. Before your husband goes to work, get him sexually aroused. Give him your underwear so he can think about you all day. Give him a list of instructions he must perform the moment he gets home. Tell him if he fails to perform them well you will not let him have sexual gratification. Not allowing him to orgasm is the easiest way for a new Mistress to get easy control of her new slave. It will make him extremely lustful and willing to obey your every command.

Continue in these “games” until you feel the time is right to talk to him in a serious manner about your relationship. He will have proven to himself and you that he is submissive; likewise, you will have proven that you are dominant. He will also know that he enjoys the new arrangement because he will be having fun.

Quite likely, he will now be aware of his own submissive side. Confront him and tell him, do not ask, that you want to change your relationship. You want him to become your slave. At this point he will almost certainly say yes, but you have done it in such a way as to give him a choice in the matter. He can then decide if he wishes to become your slave. Nine times out of ten, the husband will say yes.



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