Lovense Domi 2


Domi 2Bluetooth app-controlled small wand massager

Almost 3 Times Longer Battery Life!

  • Huge improvement in performance – almost 3 times longer battery life!
  • While still significantly smaller than other wands, Domi 2 now has an improved design that ensures a more comfortable and secure grip and more hassle-free user experience.

Largest Range of Vibrations. Steady Connectivity.

Our unique, dual-rotating head technology enables Domi 2 to maintain a consistently high level of power without the use of cords or the need to increase size. It also boasts an updated antenna and a next generation Bluetooth chip that significantly improves the connectivity.

Reinforced Neck!

Ensures you’re able to apply pressure however and whenever you want.

Optional light ring for long-distance users.

Fully Adjustable

Take complete control over Domi 2’s power range.

You’ll be able to find your vibration “sweet spot” (from featherlight to earthquake) and program it to your buttons!

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Domi/Domi 2 Male

More Possibilities

Domi/Domi 2 Female

Remote controled sex toys mobile app
Compatible with:

Any   Lovense logo.    Toy    Any Lovense toy connects to your device via Bluetooth connection.    

Any Lovense toy connects directly to PC using a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter

Domi 2 is a fully programmable wand which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

Program : 3 Steady levels Up to 10 Patterns

App Screenshot:

(1/7) 3 Steady levels

Other features in our app are also available.

Close-Range Control

Long-Distance Control

Unlimited Vibration Patterns

Sync to Music

Sound Activated

Set Vibration Levels


Domi was released in 2017 and received amazing reviews since then. The toy had a smooth, sturdy design, was lightweight, cordless and, most importantly, super powerful! This is everything anyone could want in a wand. Domi offered it all and more – it was a programmable toy that could be customized to a wide range of vibration levels.

Domi 2

Domi 2 is a very exciting release for us! It has multiple advancements, starting with a revised design that makes the toy more comfortable to hold. And, as always, our team made sure to update the antenna as well as use a new generation Bluetooth chip that significantly improves connectivity. Finally, the most exciting improvement is a bigger battery that extends the wand’s battery life by almost three times! Can YOU handle it?


Domi 2

By Lovense

Other Wands

Stable connection
Easy to use remotely
Adjustable levels

IPX6 Water-Resistant


5-6 Hours of Continuous Use

Strong, Rumbly Vibrations


Body-Safe Materials

What’s included:
  • (1) Bluetooth Wand
  • (1) Charging Cable
  • (1) User Guide


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