How to Physically and Psychologically Dominate a Woman



Women love being sexually dominated in the bedroom. It’s a natural reaction and it turns them on.

They really enjoy things like being manhandled, or being told what to do. They love being ordered around; as they like being put in the submissive frame. I know it sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? That’s because you’re looking at it from the perspective of someone who loves to be dominant. Nearly all men are naturally dominant and have a desire to be dominant. They can’t understand why somone would have the desire to be submissive. But nearly all women do desire that, in fact they love it.

Back when we were little more than animals dominant behaviour was the behaviour that the alpha males, the really attractive monkey exhibited. And to this day women still find it really attractive.

That means they love to see and feel you take take control of them. They enjoy letting go and giving in to you. Most women are submissive, more so when it comes to sex than anything else. They love being ordered about, thrown around, and moved to new positions. In short they love being physically dominated.

But they also like being psychologically dominated. Physical dominance is when you control them with your hands. Like moving them around the bed. Psychological dominance is when you control them with your mind and your words. So it’s thing like giving them orders and telling them to do things. They obey you because they love you and they know that IF they obey then you will ultimately provide them with more pleasure than if they don’t. Obeying you is a process of submission to you which they enjoy. Being submissive to you they may even do things for you that they hate doing. And in the moment they won’t enjoy doing it. But overall it feeds into the frame of you dominating them, so they’ll love it.

And that’s how to sexually please your girlfriend



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