Forced And Hypnotic Feminisation – A Whole New Level Of Fantasy



Forced feminization, also known as sissification, is a sexual fantasy practice in which the female becomes dominant and the male assumes the submissive role. This is usually achieved by having the male put on women’s clothing and make-up and overall acting submissive and obedient towards the female.

This practice is called Forced Feminization because it usually involves protests by the man who is subjected to the feminization. What is difficult for outsiders to understand, is that while the man may be vehemently protesting, he is in fact an active and willing participant. The make-believe protests provide an added degree of stimulation to the sexual encounter for the dominant woman and submissive man.

Forced Feminization is a powerful sexual fantasy which is widely practiced. However, only a few couples take it to its utmost possible heights. The way that you can enjoy it even more is to combine it with Hypnotic Feminization.

Hypnotic Feminization involves having the man undergo hypnosis meant to make him behave and even feel more feminine. With hypnosis the male can assume a feminine walk, more feminine tone of voice, feminine habits and even feminine physical characteristics. What is even more incredible is that hypnosis can make the man feel more feminine which multiplies the effectiveness of the feminization fantasy and also the pleasure of it. Hypnotic Feminization can be permanent or temporary, as you wish, so you can stop the moment your sexual role playing is over. It can be administered in the privacy of your own home with special mp3 hypnosis files which shouldn’t cost much more than 50$, which makes it cheaper than most sex toys.

Couples who engage in Forced Feminization and who wish to make the most of this very special and intimate fantasy should incorporate Feminization Hypnosis into their sexual role playing.



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