How to Dominate Women? Use Sexual Jujitsu!



Many men think that a timid girlfriend or shy wife is the kind of girl who will also be timid and shy in the bedroom.  A shy girlfriend or timid wife only SEEMS to resist your sexual demands.  What she really wants is to be a submissive – a submissive girl and a submissive wife. 

Here is how the mind of a shy or timid woman works:

First up she doesn’t know, inside, that she is attractive and desirable.  It doesn’t matter if your girl looks like a movie star.  The point is that she doesn’t FEEL attractive and desirable.  You know the problem – the skinny girl who thinks that she is too fat, or the girl with the curly hair who just KNOWS she can’t be really beautiful unless her hair is straight.  And blonde, or red, or…  whatever.  You get the picture.  Maybe there was something in her childhood or teenage years that made her feel like the ugly duckling?  Maybe she WAS an ugly duckling.  That was then.  But now, she thinks of herself as unattractive, plain, and certainly not very desirable. 

Not feeling attractive and desirable means that she lacks a certain part of self confidence.  So she is shy and timid.  Being shy your woman is almost certainly submissive – she wants others to take control, to point her in the direction she is supposed to go. 

Her sexual fantasies are likely about a man being in charge, a man who will sexually dominate and control her.  That man could be you – the kind of guy who knows how to dominate girls.  But right now you see her submissive and timid nature as an obstacle.  How often do you say to yourself, “If my woman wasn’t so timid my sex life would be better”?

Well the simple fact is that timid women, submissive women, get lustier when they feel themselves to be very desirable. 

It’s about time that you started to work WITH her submissive nature.  Use her shyness as an ally in seducing her to satisfy your male urges and desires.  Don’t just try to overcome her submissive and shy nature by force. 

Sexual jujitsu.  You know about jujitsu the martial art.  The basis of jujitsu is to use an opponent’s momentum to take control by pressuring key points, breaking an opponent’s balance, and then doing a throw or take-down. 

Sexual jujitsu is basically the same.  A shy or timid wife or girlfriend who is resisting your sexual needs is actually giving you opportunity after opportunity to take the lead, to take control, to sexually dominate your wife or girlfriend.  The basic trick is to use her shyness to get her to agree to sexual activity in very very small stages.  Get her to do a little more each time, reward her physically and emotionally and then, when she is comfortable again, raise the bar.  This is a simple process of training submissive girls in much the same way as you train a child or an athlete.  And it is her very submissive nature that helps you because she will be comfortable with the small steps that would drive a non-submissive woman crazy. 

If you would like to learn how to train a submissive woman you don’t need to get into all the online slave training or female slave training stuff.  You need a woman who is your partner not a “slave”.  But if you learn how to dominate your wife sexually you will both be the happier for it.



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