Sissy Sensations


Starting September 17th we are going to be starting our all new Sissy Sensations!

Sissy Sensations is where you have the opportunity to spend a day at one of our Sissy Sensations Parlours in the south of the UK around the Southampton area, where you will be Sissified, Disciplined, Humiliated and more whilst serving the UK’s finest Dommes. 1:30 pm ending at 7 pm

The Booking Form Is At The Bottom Of This Page

We will be hosting Sissy Sensations evening and day events at one of our special locations where you can feel like royalty.

You can bring your own Sissy clothing or if there is something that you would like to experiment with and would rather we purchase it on behalf of yourself then that can be organised also.

Each of our reputable dominatrix women that host the event has many years of experience within the Dominatrix industry, so you can feel safe knowing that you are in the hands of a professional who will push you to your limits or even train you to bring out your inner Sissy.

Price: The price of your Sissy Sensations event is a £75 deposit + £200 on the day that needs to be paid on the day by card.

Total Cost = £275

Your Sissy Sensations Ticket includes:

  • This is a day event that starts a 1:30 pm ending at 7 pm at our Sissy Sensations Parlour.
  • You get to take part in all the Sissy Sensations Events
  • Transformation
  • Food
  • Kinky Play and so much more.
  • If there is anyone that will need overnight accommodation, please notify us in advance so that we are able to reserve the right size venue to cater for everyone.

Extra Add-ons:

  • Full makeup session by our Sissy Slapon Specialist
  • Photoshoot by our Sissy Photo Snapper

Please also read our Sissy Sensations Terms & Conditions

We will be inviting a specialist photographer to the event so if any of you wish to purchase photos of the Sissy Sensations Event, you can do via the link we will send after the event.

Please also remember that we will respect your privacy, so if you do not wish to be shown in an image, we can arrange for you to be cropped/blurred from any images.

There will be a select few, with prior permission that we will add to our website so that we can write a news post about the Sissy Sensations event and show other Sissies that may have missed the event just what you all got up to.

Please fill in the form below with your details and pay your £75 deposit to:

Zema Media Ltd

Account Number: 22190133  Sort Code: 60-83-71


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