Penis Milking by Machine: Tips for Enjoying the Experience



The pleasure of a penis milking by a partner’s hand is one many men enjoy, but the use of a penis milking machine is fairly rare. If presented with the opportunity, there are a number of tips to consider before plunging in; exercising appropriate caution in such situations is simply a matter of sensible penis care. While experimentation with new forms of sexual pleasure is an admirable goal, it is also important to ensure no harm comes to one’s favorite body part.

With that in mind, here are a few tips that can make the penis milking machine experience more enjoyable.

Men are not cows.

The most common milking machines are those created for use on dairy farms. These are attached to the udders of a cow and are used to withdraw the milk therein. Such devices are an efficient labor-saving measure, especially on farms with large numbers of cows.

But men are not cows and a penis is not an udder, so one should not use a milking machine intended for a cow on one’s penis. There are several reasons for this.

One, a cow’s teats are much thinner than a man’s penis. Since the suction devices on a milking machine are intended to fit snugly, they would not very easily fit on a man’s penis.

Two, the suction force used in milking a cow is generally greater than that which would be comfortable for a man. This is of special concern, as too great a suction force can cause considerable damage to the penis.

There are a number of devices that are created specifically for human penis milking, and it’s recommended that one of these be used.

Follow directions carefully.

As with any piece of machinery, it pays to read all the instructions and to follow them carefully. Proper use is crucial to ensure safety.

Get erect first.

Penis milking machines are usually designed to operate most efficiently on an already-engorged member. A man should prepare himself by masturbating or engaging in visual stimulation such that his penis is in a hardened state before having the machine attached to it.

Be comfortable.

As with any sexual experience, personal comfort is essential for enjoyment. It may take a little trial and error to discover what feels the most comfortable in terms of whether one sits, stands or lies down, where the machine needs to rest, etc.

Consider fantasies.

Penis milking machines lend themselves to role playing. When operated in a solosexual situation, many men enjoy imagining a woman’s hands, lips or vagina enfolding the penis. A man may fantasize a partner’s presence and engage in appropriate “dirty talk” as the machine goes about its business. Some men may indulge in a little BDSM fantasy play as well, imagining themselves forcibly attached to the milking machine and made to give up their precious seed. And some men find pleasure in imagining themselves an animal, such as a mighty bull, being relieved of his semen.

Some men, especially those with a fondness for humiliation fantasies, may find that using a penis milking machine with a partner adds a little extra zest to the experience.

Expect soreness.

Even when used properly, many penis milking machines cause some soreness or pain in a man’s member; this is especially likely during the first few uses. One of most useful tips is to have on hand a first-class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) and to use it regularly. When the crème contains a high-end emollient such as Shea butter as well as a natural hydrator like vitamin E, it is well-positioned to alleviate common penile soreness. A crème that also includes a wide range of other vitamins, such as A, B5, C and D, can help strengthen the overall health of the penis skin, making it better able to withstand any strains caused by use of the machine.



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