Diary of a Sub: Navigating Locktober in the Sex Industry


The month of Locktober, with its enduring chastity, presents an emotional rollercoaster that is challenging for anyone. However, when you are deeply entangled in the intricate web of the sex industry and battling your own insatiable desires as a confessed sex addict, the journey becomes a poignant odyssey. This blog, titled “Diary of a Sub,” unveils the raw and intimate moments of my Locktober experience – the emotional whirlwind, the struggles in my environment, and how I’ve managed to navigate it all.

Day 1: The Resounding Click

As Locktober commences, the echoing click of the chastity device reverberates in my soul, a poignant reminder that my desires will remain unfulfilled for the next 31 days. As a self-acknowledged sex addict, this reality is a relentless emotional storm. My desires still burn within me, yet I’ve made the commitment to this challenge.

Day 7: Temptations and Snares

In the world of the sex industry, temptations are as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. Whether it’s the magnetic allure of engaging with captivating individuals or the ceaseless exposure to explicit content, maintaining chastity becomes a poignant ballet of self-restraint. I’ve discovered the critical importance of recognising and resisting triggers and, when necessary, seeking solace in the embrace of support. My emotions teeter on the precipice between unwavering determination and haunting despair.

Day 14: Frustration and Unyielding Desires

The midpoint marks a crucible of frustration and a relentless yearning. For a self-confessed sex addict, the constant craving never truly dissipates, and Locktober magnifies its intensity. I’ve had to transmute this potent energy into creative pursuits, hobbies, and self-improvement. It’s not an easy journey, but I’m resolute in my determination to prove that I can conquer my urges.

Day 21: Discovering Unexpected Alliances

Surprisingly, within the vast terrain of the sex industry, unexpected allies emerge. My fellow comrades in this industry share an empathetic understanding of my struggles. The bond that forms from exchanging experiences and coping strategies becomes a lifeline. In this ephemeral sense of community, I find a flicker of hope amidst the persistent temptation.

Day 30: The Culmination

As Locktober draws to a close, I pause to reflect upon the arduous journey. It’s been a month of profound emotional turbulence, and I’ve grown to appreciate the unyielding strength required to confront my deepest desires. Temptation still lingers, but I’ve demonstrated to myself that I possess the power to tame these urges and find fulfilment in other facets of life.

Conclusion: A Quest of Self-Discovery

“Diary of a Sub” stands as a candid and impassioned chronicle of my Locktober odyssey as a sex addict entrenched in the world of the sex industry. This expedition has unveiled the truth that, while I cannot deny my essence, I can indeed find the strength to manage my addiction and discover balance in my life.

Although Locktober may have concluded, my journey endures. My hope is that, by sharing these emotional and unvarnished experiences, those facing parallel challenges can draw inspiration and solace in the knowledge that they are not alone in their battles.

Stay connected for further insights and heartfelt reflections on my continuing journey as a ‘sub’ navigating the intricate landscapes of the sex industry.


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