American Swing Clubs – How to Visit One



Swinging is a non-monogamous sexual activity that couples participate in openly and honestly. In the United States, there are at least three million swingers. If you are interested in visiting an American swing club, how do you do it?

1. First, don’t bother unless you are an adult. No American swing club will accept you if you are under-aged. Most American swing clubs will accept only those who are 21 years of age or older.

Look on-line for links to swing clubs in your area. You’ll find websites of various swing clubs that will describe club rules, that may include photos of some of the rooms, that will include upcoming party theme dates and that will include phone numbers. What you will not find are addresses to the physical locations. Addresses are not listed on swing club websites for various reasons. For example, guests interested in a swing club need to be screened first over the phone. If the owner of the swing club is satisfied with the conversation and the information that is shared, the guests will then receive further information about the club, including the address.

2. If you have made arrangements to attend a swing club, determine if you’d like to adhere to one of the themes. It is typical for American swing clubs to offer themes. For examples – leather night or sexy heels night.

3. Ladies, dress up and have fun! Although swing clubs are for men and women, everyone loves to look at the ladies! Here is your chance to really make a statement. Let’s say you’ve decided to attend a “sexy heels night.” Be sure to wear your favorite pair of stilettos. Top them off with sexy lingerie or a tight black mini skirt. There’s no need to be shy. You’re used to covering up during the week, so why not show some skin at the club? The attention you will receive from admiring eyes is always fun!

4. When you arrive at the club, be prepared to pay the membership fee. Fees at American swing clubs are typically $80 or more for a couple. If you become a member of the club, your fee may be reduced or you may eventually become eligible to receive a free party. Also, be prepared to attend a tour of the club and/or an orientation meeting.

5. After your tour, you are now ready to have fun. At every respectable American swing club – No means no. You are not required to participate in sexual activity with other people unless you choose to. Members are required to respect each other. If there are any problems, the owners of the club will be sure to ask offending members to leave. Also, at American swing clubs you are required to bring your own alcohol. Simply put your name on your bottle and set it with the others. Cell phone use is not permitted in most swing clubs. This is because many cell phones have a camera option which does not respect the privacy of those involved. Respectable swing clubs are racially tolerant. Single males are typically not permitted at swing clubs, however single females often are. You’ll find fun dance music and usually a DJ. Many people talk and dance first before they move on to sexual activity later on in the evening. Swing clubs will have private rooms, group rooms, and specialty rooms such as for BDSM activity.



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